NFS officials, employees celebrate 5 million safe hours worked at Erwin facility

ERWIN, TN (WJHL) – Nuclear Fuel Services in Erwin held a special celebration this afternoon on the campus.

NFS and all of its employees celebrated 5 million safe hours worked., which is 1,318 days without a lost time injury.

The streak began in November 2013 and they reached the 5 million mark in June of this year.

“It’s been a great event today, it recognizes our employee’s hard work to reach 5 million hours without a lost time injury, which is a pretty significant achirvement for any industryacross this nation,” NFS President Joel Duling said. “Given the work that we do here, it’s extremely important that we continue to have a safe working environment for our folks.”

The employees were treated to a catered meal of steak and chicken along with all the trimmings, including dessert. There was also a large safety fair held in another tent with all the departments represented. They even came in overnight and served those working the 3rd shift to make sure all employees got to enjoy the milestone.

“To reach an accomplishment like this, it has to be a total team effort and so every single department, I don’t care what position you work in this plant, you are key to the safety of this plant,” Duling added. “Not just the safety organizations, not just the operations organizations, every single person, because it may be that person who is walking along that sees a hazard and points it out and gets it fixed that prevents somebody from getting hurt.”

Duling was presented with plaques from TOSHA and BWXT, the parent company of NFS.

Tennessee Sen. Rusty Crowe also read and presented a proclamation from the Tennessee Senate.

NFS manufactures nuclear fuel for the U.S. Navy’s fleet of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines. NFS also processes highly enriched uranium in one of only two Category 1 nuclear facilities in the United States.

Duling added, “Everybody is really committed to safety, because we don’t want to be looking at each other in the morning when somebody gets hurt and saying could I have prevented this injury, could I have done something different to prevent my co-worker from getting hurt? And that’s how we live and work every single day here.”

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