Missing woman reported found as News Channel 11 cameras are rolling

Novella Thompson

BRISTOL, VA (WJHL) – Family members and friends of Novella Thompson began the day praying for her safe return.

Her son, Fredrick Thompson said his family has been concerned.

“Just something to go by, because that’s my mother. I just want to get her back. And I’m asking everybody to pray for her you know,” he said.

Family members reported the 85-year-old missing Thursday morning after she didn’t show up for a hair appointment. Police received a ping on her phone showing her last known location was near Benhams Road in Bristol, Virginia.

“With the rain and everything we got concerned and started looking for her, here and everywhere,” Fredrick Thompson said.

Friday morning, nearly 24-hours later, loved ones gathered for a vigil at Fellowship Chapel Church.

But just moments before the vigil began and as soon as News Channel 11 spoke with Thompson’s son, a miracle happened.

“They found her. She’s been found, she’s been found. She’s had a wreck they think she’s going to be fine,” he said.

Captain Maynard Ratcliff with the Bristol, Virginia Police Department said someone driving on Lone Star Road found Thompson’s car overturned in a ditch Friday morning.

“The car was found, she was still in it and she was alive,” Ratcliff said.

Cameras were rolling as family and friends found out the good news.

“Relieved. relieved. That’s the thing about coming to the church. Thanks everybody for everything, everything,” Thompson said.

SO instead of a vigil, the church held a celebration.

“The good news happened right in the middle of it. So we’re giving the Lord all the praise,” said her brother-in-law Clayton Thompson.

He said Novella is alert and “doing great”.

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