Bristol police statement on widely shared Facebook post on alleged ‘suspicious behavior’

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL) – Police in Bristol, TN said they’ve recently seen several posts that have been widely shared on social media. The city of Bristol, TN posted a statement about the recent posts about suspicious behavior Tuesday morning on social media.

The following is a statement from the Bristol Tennessee Police Department:

As with many posts to social media the facts surrounding a situation can give way to rumor and speculation. One such example involves the recent reports received in the past ten days by the Bristol Tennessee Police Department regarding suspicious behavior occurring at the Pinnacle development off W. State Street in the city.

Two events occurred almost two weeks apart and involved different suspects and different vehicles. In neither case were any overt threats or actions taken against the complainants. The subjects were acting in a way that made the female complainants nervous and suspicious, and they reported the behavior to
the police.

The initial report, taken on August 21 regarding events that occurred on August 15 included information on a white male subject driving a white Nissan with Florida license plates.

The Bristol Tennessee Police Department is still investigating the incident. The complainant, in this case, was prompted to file the report after reading about another similar incident on social media.

This incident has been widely shared on social media.

The second report, taken on August 28, is unrelated to the first. Officers were able to stop the subject of that report, and he was identified by the complainant. In this most recent case, the complainant did the right thing by calling the police when the subject’s actions appeared suspicious.

Officers were quickly able to determine this was not an incident of stalking.

Rumors regarding these post have evolved to the point it has created the perception of multiple incidents of this type of behavior at or around the Pinnacle development, when in fact this simply is not the case.

The Bristol Tennessee Police Department would encourage anyone who feels threatened or observes what they feel to be suspicious behavior to call the police department so they can respond and investigate.

Non-emergency calls should be directed to 423-989-5600 and as always for emergencies call 9-1-1.

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