Pres. Trump, First Lady visit Texas; Briefing on Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

(CBS/AP) –  President Trump visited Corpus Christi, TX to survey the damage inflicted on the region by Hurricane Harvey.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was present at Trump’s arrival and answered questions from reporters.

A spokeswoman says President Trump wants to be “very cautious” about making sure that his activities in Texas don’t disrupt Harvey recovery efforts. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Trump’s stops Tuesday in Corpus Christi and Austin are intended to highlight coordination at all levels of government and lay the groundwork for what is expected to be a lengthy recovery after the storm.

Trump traveled with the Cabinet secretaries of Health and Human Services and Housing and Urban Development, and the head of the Small Business Administration.

Sanders says the secretaries will meet with their Texas counterparts.

Air Force One flew a path to Corpus Christi that avoided flying over Houston, where much of the downtown area is under water ___

President Trump’s 2020-re-election campaign committee is encouraging supporters to donate to disaster relief efforts for those affected by Harvey.

A note Tuesday to the more than 10 million email addresses the campaign has collected links to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way and local animal rescue operations.

The email encourages people to “help our fellow Americans in need.” Harvey made landfall four days ago as the fiercest hurricane to hit the U.S. in 13 years.

It has since been downgraded to a tropical storm. Trump is visiting Texas later Tuesday as rains continue to pound the already flooded Houston area. Lara Trump, an adviser to her father-in-law’s re-election campaign, says in the email that this “is a time to come together as a nation to support those in need.”

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