Arrest made in Greene Co. Wi-Fi card skimming scheme, investigation turned over to federal agents

Photo: Greene County Sheriff's Department

GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- Detectives in Greene County said an arrest has been made in a case of a major credit card skimming scheme where the suspects were using software and Wi-Fi to access your information.

Just last month the Greene County Sheriff’s Department was asking for the public’s help to identify two man wanted in that skimming scheme.

It was described by Chief Detective Jeff Morgan as the most sophisticated credit card skimming scheme they’ve ever seen.

“It’s a software program that allows them, in close proximity, to actually skim people’s credit cards through the wi-fi… they use a blank gift card to actually clone your credit card,” Morgan said.

Not long after we brought you the initial story back in July, Morgan said a loss prevention officer noticed the two suspects in the store, and recognized them from T.V.

“After your news story had aired, they were recognized as being the two people that we were looking for, and the loss prevention actually notified law enforcement that they were in the store…in Kingsport,doing what they do, they were using cards that they had skimmed from people and attempting to make purchase with them,” Morgan said.

While Morgan told us when we interviewed him in July there were most likely multiple victims in this case, Tuesday he had a better idea of just how widespread the scheme was.

“These individuals had not only just been in Greeneville, and Greene County but also in Morristown, Hamblen County, Johnson City, Washington County, and in Sullivan County, and Kingsport,” Morgan said.

It is a case that has now been handed over to federal investigators.

“It’s been turned over to a federal agency for further investigation and hopefully for prosecution at the federal level,” Morgan said.

Chief Detective Jeff Morgan reiterated that even though they’ve caught the two people they believe are involved in this scheme, they are still asking people to keep a close eye on your bank account, and card transactions.


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