Virginia Tech holds media day

BLACKSBURG, VA- Virginia Tech head football coach Justin Fuente, selected assistant coaches and selected players participated with a throng of media members as part of Virginia Tech’s two-hour Media Day on Sunday. Media Day preceded Fan Appreciation Day, a free event at the Tech Indoor Practice Facility that allowed fans and kids to mingle with players and coaches and gather autographs.

Below is a collection of informational tidbits from both Media Day and Fan Appreciation Day:

• A little more than two weeks ago, the USA Today/Amway coaches preseason poll came out and college coaches placed Virginia Tech at No. 22 in that poll. However, one person did not rank the Hokies in the top 25 of that poll – Fuente.

“I just didn’t feel like we were ready for that,” Fuente said, adding that he submitting that vote quite some time ago. “We’ve got to go prove that. I did my best to fill it out with what I knew about everyone in the country, which is pretty limited. I just feel like we need to earn that recognition.”

The other major poll, The Associated Press poll, comes out soon. Fuente has no problems with preseason polls, though cautions against reading too much into them.

“I don’t want to de-value the people who vote for those things,” he said. “I think those things are fine. We haven’t addressed it one time with our team. We won’t address it. The bottom line is nobody’s played a game. Nobody really knows how the season is going to go, or what things are going to transpire, so we don’t put a lot of stock into it. It’s not something we talk about.”

• Fuente and his staff named Josh Jackson the starting quarterback six days ago, and since then, Jackson has worked with the first-team unit, developing cohesion, as the Hokies prepare for the season opener Sept. 3 against West Virginia.

Tech’s coaching staff feels that Jackson has enjoyed great practices since the announcement and shown no signs of apprehension thus far.

“I haven’t seen a dramatic change in Josh,” Fuente said. “We named him the starter because we felt he was ready to do that. He may feel different internally. I haven’t asked him, but I’ve seen a guy that has grown in confidence and mastery of what we’re trying to accomplish. But we saw some of that before we named him the starter, which is obviously is what led us to that conclusion.”

Courtesy: Virginia Tech Athletics

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