Emerling Captures The Bush’s Beans 150 Whelen Modified Race at BMS

BRISTOL —  Modified tour hitting the track for the Bush’s Bean 150 this Wednesday evening before the rain hit and there was trouble 10 laps in when Austin Pickens spins heading into turn 4, two cars can’t avoid him and collide as red flag drops to clean up this one.

Lap 93, Jeremy Gerstner hits the outside wall, right front tire ripped loose, sliding down into the protective barrels and that brings out another red flag.

Trouble late in this one when Eric Goodale was leaking fluid on the track and his tires, sending him through the spin cycle and the yellow flag drops.

Nothing stopping Patrick Emerling who  started on the pole and captured the checkered flag.

“Feels awesome. This is stuff we dream of, it just feels incredible. It’s what we work so hard to do and being a limited team, to come here and dominate, feels excellent. Car was on point the whole race and we were able to just pull away towards the end.”

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