#WJHLTDFN: High school football season coverage

(WJHL) – News Channel 11 will kick off the high school football season this week.

Each Friday, News Channel 11 starts the day with a pep rally featuring the high school bands of the week. Typically, we feature the teams on Friday mornings, but since most of the games this week are on a Thursday, we will start our coverage this Thursday.

Friday Morning Kickoff Band, Cheerleaders, and players

Watch News Channel 11 on Friday morning for our first live high school band event of the season beginning at 5:00 a.m. We will kick off the season with a pep rally at Greeneville High School.

The event kicks off our season for Touchdown Friday Night (http://wjhl.com/tdfn), where we feature high school football teams as they battle it out on the grid iron across the region.  We’ll post live coverage of each of the bands to http://WJHL.com/TDFN.

Giant Foam Finger Giveaway 
Don’t forget to join us this Thursday evening, and after that each Friday evening, at the game of the week as we hand out Number 1 Foam Fingers from Academy Sports. http://wjhl.com/fingergiveaway

Touchdown Friday Night Scores
Also, you can follow all of our night of highlights using the hashtag #WJHLTDFN. We invite you to post to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram scores, and photos from your favorite game using that hashtag.  Also, sign up to receive text alerts of high school football scores. Text “11SCORES” to 36729 to be one of the first to receive scores from WJHL’s Sports team. We’ll post highlights of the day and live coverage of each of the games to http://WJHL.com/TDFN.

If you are watching the game and you want to send us the final score. Email them to scores@wjhl.com.  Also, check out http://wjhl.com/tdfn for the latest stories related to high school football.



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