Indiana man accused of murder: ‘I took out a Meth Dealer!’


MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — A Muncie, Ind. man has been charged with murder after a fatal Thursday afternoon stabbing of someone he called a methamphetamine peddler, a court filing shows.

Hair covered in blood and walking down a nearby street after the stabbing, Jaylin Ammon, 19, passed a woman who asked if he had been involved in the stabbing.

Ammon told her, “I took out a Meth Dealer! He was going to hurt my friends,” according to the filing.

The woman then walked Ammon to police officers who were at the nearby stabbing. It was reported at 12:12 p.m. in the 200 block of West Seventh Street.

Police arrived to find the man who had called 911 applying a towel to the neck of the victim in the front yard of a house that is split into apartments, the filing said. The man applying the towel had heard a loud scream, looked out a window and saw the victim standing in the yard bleeding profusely from the neck.

The victim was taken to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Ammon told police that the victim had been dealing meth to his friends, but Ammon had recently noted a change in the victim’s behavior. He said he was tired of the victim being at the apartment and asked him to leave. The victim brushed off Ammon’s request, so Ammon told police he got a pocket knife from his pants pocket and stabbed the victim in the neck.

Ammon also told police that he would consider himself a martyr. “He wanted to purge the wicked,” the filing said.

An investigator asked Ammon how he felt after reflecting on what he had just done, and he replied, “Well, this is my cross to bear.”

Police found a bloody pocket knife in Ammon’s possession, the filing said.

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