Elizabethton Twins score twice in the 9th inning to top the Kingsport Mets

ELIZABETHTON —   Birthday boy, and Elizabethton Twins president Harold Mains, throwing out the first pitch before Tuesday nights game with Kingsport and it’s a strike. The twins gave him a gift in the 4th when J.J. Robinson goes the opposite way to left, Wander Javier scores and Elizabethton up 1-0.

Mets answer in the 5th when Danny Hoy hammers this pitch deep to left and it goes off the wall, Kevin Hall comes in to score and the game was 1-all.

But the Twins get it right back when Akil Baddoo, a-killing this pitch, sending it into the left field corner, Ariel Montesino scores and Twins up 2-1.

Few batters later, Jose Mirando driving a single to left and that’ll bring Badoo in, as the Twins would earn a 5-4 walk-off win.

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