Cigna offers free health screenings and dental care at Bristol Motor Speedway

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL)- Cigna offered free health screenings and dental care on Saturday as part of their Cigna Day of Health at Bristol Motor Speedway.

This event pushes patients to “know their four numbers” cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and BMI. Cigna believes knowing these numbers can prevent future medical issues.

Jennifer Sartain had her blood pressure checked and her sons got their teeth cleaned.

“It’s a great benefit to the family,” Saratin said. “We’ve had trouble getting them in anywhere and right now there is no insurance so it was a great benefit to try to keep them in good health.”

“Typically when we get sick we go to the doctor, if we have an issue we may go to the dentist,” said Greg Allen, Mid-South President of Cigna. “Many things can be prevented if we see them ahead of time and catching them early, so today is all about getting those screenings done how does that become a part of our normal healthcare community and ecosystem for us personally.”

Cigna donated a trailer to Appalachian Miles for Smiles that will allow them to expand their work. They also gave them a check for $150,000.

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