Good Samaritan hosts final summer food box distribution

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL-TV) – One local organization is continuing to help out families in need while preparing for an upcoming back to school event.

Good Samaritan Ministries is wrapping up its summer feeding program this week by handing out food boxes and other household items this morning and tomorrow. This is the final of three distributions over the summer period.

“They’re getting a food box, they’re getting household items that will last about a month for a family of 3 to 5, so it is a really exciting day. It has been some challenges that we have faced due to support and resources, but God came thru,”, Executive Director Aaron Murphy said, “and we’re just very thankful to be able to provide for these children during the summer months, but not only the children, but their families. So it is a blessing, we’ve seen a lot of great things take place today.”

Over the summer, this program has fed over 1,000 people that migfht not otherwise have had anything to eat, both adult and children.

Murphy added, “Our mission with this project is to defeat hunger in upper East Tennessee, one person at a time. Our program has fed well over 1,000 people during this summer, and we’re blessed to know that those who have come, have valid needs. We’ve assessed them properly, we have interviewed them, and we find them valid candidates to receive benefits from what this program has to offer.”

In addition to the food boxes, Good Samaritan is preparing for their annual Back To School Picnic this Sunday at 4 pm at Cardinal Park. Each child will receive a backpack loaded with school supplies and three outfits of clothing which include socks and shoes.

“We’ve seen the community step up and care for hteir needy neighbors, it’s been a marvelous and phenominal time this summer, not just with our summer food box program, but our back to school program,”, Murphy said, “Right now, we could use back packs, we could use paper, we could use random shoe sizes, and also, most importantly, the presence ofthe community this Sunday at 4pm at Cardinal Park.”

Good Samaritan expects to help out around 1,000 children on Sunday. If you need more information or wish to donate, go to their website or call them at 423-928-0288.

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