Hawkins Co. election commission sorting through 160+ page wheel tax petition

HAWKINS COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- A petition to stop a Hawkins County wheel tax has officially been turned into the election commission office.

It is a petition that’s been circulating in the community in light of county commissioners recently agreeing on a $40 wheel tax increase.

It’s a wheel tax county leaders say they voted on in order to offset a 2 million dollar deficit.

Monday afternoon we met with Hawkins County Administrator of Elections, Donna Sharp, who showed us the binder she was handed with more than 160 pages of signatures.

The signatures come from Hawkins County residents who are hoping to bring the $40 wheel tax decision back into the voters hands by holding a special election.

In order for a special election to take place, Sharp said they would need 1,095 signatures from registered Hawkins County voters.

Sharp said now it’s up to her staff to go through the entire binder, and verify each signature.

We asked Sharp if she thought this petition would turn into a special election.

“We have no idea, we honestly do not have any idea, we could get part of the way through here and have 1,095, or we could get to the end and still try to see. We think this will take us several weeks to check because it’s a very detailed procedure,” Sharp said.

If they are able to verify 1,095 signatures Sharp said they will have between 75 and 90 days to hold a special election.

Sharp said if it comes to that, the special election could cost anywhere between $70,000-$75,000.

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