Former Dallas Cowboy has first practice as David Crockett head coach

WASHINGTON CO. —   The David Crockett Pioneer football team hit the field for the first time in pads Monday.
It was also the first practice in pads for new Pioneers’ head coach and former Dallas Cowboy Gerald Sensabaugh.

Crockett finished last season 4-7, but there are a lot eyes on the program with Sensabaugh at the helm.

And though today was about strapping on the pads and getting in some hits, it’s been another aspect of the game Sensabaugh has been focusing on.

“We get to see some physical activity today. We get to see some guys rubbing up against each other, banging a little bit. But we’re not doing too much. Football’s more mental and that’s what I want to focus on making sure they understand the game in their heads and mentally. That’s most of the battle right there.”

“He’s more technical with everything and everyone’s picking up on it. Everyone’s doing really well, even the freshman are starting to get it. He’s dumbing down NFL things to make it where we understand it but we’re still running it and this area’s ain’t seen much like that yet.”

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