First ever BucFest held at ETSU at Kingsport Allandale campus

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL-TV) – A new Fun Fest event kicked off today at ETSU at Kingsport Allandale.

The first ever BucFest was held as a part of Fun Fest and partnered with Kingsport City Schools as part of their selfie contest. Participants were encouraged to take a selfie by a school sign. A designated space was available for verification of the photos from the schools and participants meeting the criteria have the opportunity to enter a drawing for a prize.

This event showed off the ETSU Allandale campus to prospective students and there was plenty of fun stuff for kids and families to do as well as much info and free stuff for prospective students.

“We’re excited to share our campus with the community so we have one of our ETSU bluegrass bands, we’ve got concessions, we’ve got free ice cream, free watermelon, face painting,”, ETSU Kingsport Director Dr. Elaine Boone said, “We have special thing set up in our academic resource services room where you can come and trace your hand and put the year you were born or the decade that you were born. We’er gonna have a special display for that. A permenant display.”

Many people don’t know about the classes that are available at both of the ETSU at Kingsport campuses, which now include the Allandale campus as well as the new campus at the Center for Higher Education in downtown Kingsport.

Boone added, “You can get all of your general education requirements here in addition to some other junior and senior level classes. you can take your first two years, or associates degree type courses here.”

There was a good turnout today with lots of free stuff to help keep you cool as well as many free things from ETSU at Kingsport.

“Even though it’s hot today, we’ve got wonderful shade trees out here, and we’ve got some events going on inside. Also, our alumni are here to give out those coveted ETSU Pride yard signs while supplies last.”, Boone said.

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