Virginia Supreme Court to consider action against Bristol, VA judge Kurt Pomrenke

RICHMOND, VA (WJHL) – The Virginia commission that investigates complaints of judicial misconduct has opened a case with the Supreme Court of Virginia against Bristol, Virginia Judge Kurt Pomrenke, according to Virginia Supreme Court records.

Judge Pomrenke, the husband of former Bristol Virginia Utilities executive Stacey Pomrenke, serves as Juvenile and Domestic Relations judge for the 28th Judicial District of Virginia.

According to Supreme Court records, the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission filed the complaint earlier this month alleging misconduct, which “is of sufficient gravity to constitute the basis for retirement, censure, or removal.”

Records show the commission first issued a formal notice to Judge Pomrenke in January. On June 13, he appeared before the commission for an evidentiary hearing, according to Supreme Court records.

In response to the JIRC case, Pomrenke’s attorney released a statement, saying the judge is “deeply committed” to his work.

“He has fully cooperated with this process which considers how the Canons, that is the rules which apply to Judges, are affected by two particular actions, personal to the Judge, and not related to cases before him or in his court,” attorney John Lichtenstein said. “Judge Pomrenke looks forward to the opportunity to address this matter before the Court.”

In June 2016, federal prosecutors confirmed they opened a criminal investigation into Judge Pomrenke for possible contempt of court, witness tampering and obstruction of justice. That followed the discovery of a voicemail the judge left for a BVU employee just days before his wife’s trial started.

Prosecutors also previously said the judge sent BVU’s CEO a “Thank you” card, along with his business card, which prosecutors called a veiled intimidation letter.

Stacey Pomrenke is currently serving a prison sentence after a jury convicted her of more than a dozen corruption-related charges.

FBI: Recording implies judge called potential witness in wife’s BVU corruption case – watch the above clip for more details. 

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