Kingsport native John Fulkerson continues to rehab for the Volunteers

KNOXVILLE —  *NAT* John Fulkerson can’t wait to get back to normal.
Fulkerson: I love to sleep and I can’t really sleep good with this thing on so when I get it off, I should be fine.
The Tennessee forward has been sidelined for the last five months after he went down hard in the Vols 10th game of the season in December against Lipscomb.
Fulkerson left the game with a broken right wrist and a dislocated elbow.
Fulkerson: It’s definitely been hard. Obviously sitting on the bench last year for most of the season and having this long term injury. I think it’s a learning experience overall just getting the mental side of things and seeing it from a different perspective really helped me out.
While continuing to work his way back to the court, the Kingsport native was dealt another rehab assignment after undergoing surgery on his left shoulder last month to repair a torn labrum. The sling changed arms but after six weeks, it’s time to toss it to the side.

Fulkerson: I’m looking really forward to getting this off. I’ve been wearing it six weeks so just being able to walk normal again and do normal things is going to be a good time.
At 6-foot-7, the redshirt freshman who turned 20 in April quickly made his mark on Rocky Top.
Fulkerson dunked his way to 10 points in the Vols season opener against Slippery Rock, turning the newcomer into a fan-favorite.
Fulkerson: I think just playing hard and doing what coach says can do well for you.”>

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