MOM SAVERS: How to save time with meal delivery kits

Dinner is served. Amy shows the finished product.

TRI-CITIES, TN/VA (WJHL) – This week, on News Channel 11 morning we are kicking off our all-new segment called Mom Savers.

What used to be a task is now a treat. Dinner time has changed a lot for busy mom Emily Webb.

We are starting off with one of Amy Lynn’s most stressful parts of the day – mealtime. Not only is there the prepping and cooking, there is also the planning and shopping. And it seems like there is never enough time.

Meal delivery kits are becoming popular options for busy families. They promise fresh ingredients, delicious meals, and affordable price – that is the promise, but do they deliver.

What used to be a task is now a treat. Dinner time has changed a lot for busy mom Emily Webb.

She signed up for Home Chef — one of several meal delivery services. Once a week, she gets a box filled with ingredients and instructions on how to prepare three meals.

“We tried it, we got a free trial, and we were hooked and have been doing it ever since,” said Webb. “This is the Mardi Gras shrimp Po Boy and they send you everything – the bread the shrimp and here is the chicken.

“Was it good?”, we asked.

A sampling of Home Chef’s meal delivery service.

“Oh yes! They are all good!” exclaimed Webb.

There are several different companies offering these services including, Home Chef, Blue Apron, Plated – just to name a few.

Each one has several options including the number of meals per week, the serving size, and the types of protein — each order customized for the individual family.

It all sounds good, Webb and her family certainly like it, so we decided to give it a try. We signed up for a plan that offers two meals a week and serves a family of four. The prices vary, but generally are between $9 and $10.

After a few minutes, online our box is on its way.

A sampling of Home Chef meal delivery.

For Webb, going through the box is one of the best parts.

“It is very exciting. I forget what I’m getting, so it’s like Christmas food-wise. I live to eat and I love to different kinds of foods – so it gives me an opportunity to try things.

On our menu, we have cheesy beef empanadas. We opened the box, pulled out the bags and we have all the ingredients to make the meal.

Amy tries out a beef empanadas meal kit from Home Chef.

There is prep work involved. This particular recipe says is about 45 minutes from start to finish. There is chopping, slicing, and cutting, but you do feel pretty good knowing you’re preparing a fresh healthy meal.

“I love to cook. So it is perfect for us because there is a lot of variety. I hate cooking ruts – same things every week and I hated going to the grocery store. This way, I don’t have to. It is shipped to my door each week… I know exactly how much it’s going to cost every week and you don’t over buy and throw away food. There are no scraps, no leftovers the portions are perfect for each person.

And there is our buzzer. The beef empanadas, the salsa, and our side of spinach salad are ready!

I’m happy to report the cheesy beef empanadas went over very well. Everyone liked them. Even my two-year-old was asking for more.

These recipes require quite a bit of prep and clean up, but you do avoid the grocery store and the measuring. Everything you need is included.

Dinner is served. Amy shows the finished product.

We tried out just one of many meal delivery services out there. As a mom, you may worry about freshness. The meals are shipped with dry ice so that the fresh ingredients do not spoil. Once the packages arrive, you have 24 hours to get them in your fridge.

Below are some links to other meal delivery services. Just remember, some of the meal home delivery services offer a free trial, but do remember if you want to cancel you have to do it within a certain period of time.

Links to meal prep programs: 

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