Mom Savers: News Channel 11, ABC Tri-Cities start new series to help busy moms

TRI-CITIES, TN/VA (WJHL) – Starting Monday, July 20 News Channel 11 and ABC Tri-Cities are kicking-off a new series dedicated to helping moms save time and money.

Sydney will show moms various ways to save by using smart shopping apps.

News Channel 11 anchors Amy Lynn and Sydney Cameron understand the challenges that come with being full-time working moms which is why they are teaming up for Mom-Savers in effort to help other moms.

“I’ve only been a mom for a few months,” said Cameron, “But I’m learning very quickly that we get pulled in several different directions at once. It’s been called the mental load. As a mom, you’re constantly worrying about work, your children, putting dinner on the table, and everything in-between at the same time. We all need to stick together and help each other get through this wondrous journey.”

“Mom-Savers” will touch on a variety of topics to help make moms’ lives easier. Amy and Sydney try out the latest food box delivery programs to see if they’re worth the money. They’ll test a few money-saving apps to see if they work and tell you how you can use some apps to actually make some extra money. They’ll also show you where you can do some back-to-school clothes shopping without spending a lot of money.

Amy will show moms how to get food on the dinner table in just minutes using a food box program.


“Mom-Savers” launches on Monday, July 20 at 6 AM on News Channel 11 and ABC Tri-Cities.

If you have any story ideas or concerns that you’d like to see Amy or Sydney look into, just email them at or

In the meantime, we thought it would be helpful to add links to the following support groups:

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