KPD investigating surge of recent graffiti vandalism

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – Kingsport Police are investigating a wave of recent graffiti vandalism.

In June, surveillance cameras captured two suspects spray painting downtown businesses. Police continue to follow up on leads into the crime.

Local business owner John Vachon said suspected vandals tagged about eight of his buildings.

“We had several on the alley side of Broad Street, 200 block of Broad Street, the First National Bank building, the back of that,” Vachon said.

He said despite the cost of cleaning it up, he wasn’t angry.

“When they’re putting it on raw brick that’s really difficult because we don’t want to damage the brick in getting that off,” Vachon said. “I think there are just more constructive ways for him to express his artistic nature.”

It’s a crime Kingsport Police are continuing to investigate after surveillance cameras on Broad Street captured two suspects in the act.

“In that we had one male person doing the graffiti painting while he had a female accomplice serving as a lookout,” KPD’s Tom Patton said. “It’s just somebody who thinks they are being artistic who picks a random wall or building and spray paints again what they think is art but what in reality is vandalism.”

While police continue to follow up on leads, Vachon said he hopes the person or people responsible can help clean up.

“He can see well maybe it took him 30 minutes, an hour to do, but it takes 40 hours to remove it,” said Vachon.

He is encouraging them not to stop their work, but instead take it to a legal canvas.

Kingsport Police say they believe they will see charges on the two suspected vandals soon.

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