CAUGHT: 3 suspects in auto burglary spree

WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Three men are behind bars tonight following a three month investigation of auto burglaries in the Tri-Cities. Dozens of auto burglaries have led police to arrest Wayne McCauley, William Davis and Kenneth Moore. Police believe all three of these suspects are part of an auto burglary ring.

Heather Avila said she has never questioned leaving her car unlocked in her neighborhood. “We have lived in Gray for years,” said Avila. “I wouldn’t think twice about leaving my car unlocked or my door unlocked in my driveway, I’ve never had any fears.”

Her roommate and multiple neighbors had their cars broken into. Guns, purses, wallets and cash were just some of the stolen items from the victims’ cars, which Sheriff Graybeal said were easy targets.

“Very few windows were broken, most all were cars unlocked because all they had to do was open the car get what they want and walk off,” said Sherriff Graybeal. While three arrests have been made, the investigation is still on-going. “We think we may have some charges on some other folks, we are not sure yet,” said Sheriff Graybeal. “But we’re still basically in the middle of the investigation.”

Which Heather said leaves her and her neighbors on edge. “I think everybody is paying attention more, you know checking out their neighbors’ homes when their neighbors aren’t home,” said Avila. “we are keeping an eye out more.”

As for now, Heather said she is locking her car tonight.

If you have any information you are asked to call police.

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