Photo memorial planned for two Daniel Boone students

Pictured: Kaylee Rabun, Justin Rose

GRAY, TN (WJHL)- Daniel Boone High School leaders have revealed more details about a memorial to honor the lives of two students killed in car crashes just months apart.

Principal Tim Cambell said they’ve come up with a way to honor 16-year-old Kaylee Rabun, and 16-year-old Justin Rose year-round.

Over the past several months, students at Daniel Boone have set up temporary memorials.

Both Kaylee and Justin’s parking spaces have been decorated with flowers and memorabilia.

Principal Cambell said most recently, some students decided to paint the two parking spaces.

“Some friends of each family decided they wanted to honor the students by painting their parking spaces,” Campbell said.

Wednesday morning Principal Campbell said they had to remove that paint this summer because it was technically against school board policy.

Even though the spaces have been covered, Campbell said a new memorial has been months in the making.

“The plan is for each family to give us their favorite picture of their son or daughter,” Campbell said.

Campbell said they will place a picture of Kaylee and Justin inside the school for everyone to see.

“We’re going to place those pictures in our cafeteria, so those children are with us every school day until they graduate,” Campbell said.

Side by side, those pictures of Kaylee and Justin will stay on the wall until graduation day.

“We will put that students picture in their seat at graduation, after the graduation ceremony is over, we will present the picture, and that student’s diploma to the family,” Campbell said.

Principal Campbell said those photos will be ready for display by the beginning of the school year this fall.

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