Greene Co. native and NHRA driver Allen Johnson talks about career and life

Greene Co.   One of the fastest drivers in the world slowed down just enough to speak about what he does for a living at his hometown sports council luncheon today.

Successful businessman and NHRA pro stock champion driver Allen Johnson was the guest speaker at the Greene Co. sports council luncheon. Johnson, has posted 27 career victories in NHRA competition and has made the final round 59 times and while he has done that in front of millions he was a little hesitant to speak about his accomplishments in front of the people he grew up with…

“When I’m in town I’m Allen, I’m “roster” with old football buddies I really don’t play the racing guys in Greeneville, all my friends are here a lot of people I played sports with just try and convey how blessed we are in a way people can learn what we do out there on the racing circuit.”

Johnson’s career best speed is 214.42 mph and he won the pro stock world championship in 2012.

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