Big Orange Caravan draws a record crowd In Kingsport

Tennessee Coach Butch Jones in Kingsport signing autographs during the Big Orange Caravan event on July 11, 2017.

KINGSPORT —  The Big Orange Caravan rolled into Kingsport on Tuesday and Vols fans in the Tri-Cities showed out. Over 1,000 in attendance, the largest Big Orange Caravan stop this year.”


“We’ve been all over the state and the response has been the same. But this is a huge crowd here tonight and first time we’ve been back here since the Battle at Bristol.”


“What really reminds you of why we do this is when you pull up and you see a family pushing a baby stroller across the street with their kids and their Peyton Manning jerseys. That’s the essence of Tennessee.”


The focus on Tuesday night on head coach Butch Jones. The Vols lost a lot of big name talent in the offseason, including at quarterback. But Jones is comfortable heading into camp with a QB battle.


“No timetable on naming a starting quarterback. And both individuals are having an exceptional summer. I think that competition has been extremely healthy for our entire football team.”


“Wouldn’t be surprised if they both get a shot to see if they can win the job. But it’s exciting to have enough talent that you’ve got two guys that can fight it out.”


Kingsport the home of two current Volunteers, men’s hoops forward John Fulkerson and offensive lineman Thomas Edwards. Injuries kept both from playing fully last year, but the school is excited for what they can bring in their upcoming seasons.


“I think John’s got a great upside. He’s such a great young man, so we’re really looking forward to seeing him play.”


“Really, really good kid. Has really continued to grow and develop in our football program. Has had a very, very good summer as well.”


“Now this stop in Kingsport will wrap up the Big Orange Caravan for the Vols and now we all look towards September 4th when the Vols kick off their season against Georgia Tech. Reporting in Kingsport, Kane O’Neill, News Channel 11 Sports.”

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