Sick of the Robocalls? Here’s what you need to do

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Johnson City, TN (WJHL)  — It’s gotten to the point, you don’t even want to answer your phone.

That’s what many people told us during our recent News Channel 11 investigations into unwanted robocalls and scam calls that are clogging up Tri-Cities phone lines.

The repeated calls are aggravating, and the callers are often aggressive and even threatening. And aren’t you already signed up for the Do Not Call Registry?

The Federal Trade Commission set up the Do Not Call Registry to protect consumers from unwanted telemarketing calls. People started signing up in the summer of 2003, and for many the registry made an immediate and welcomed impact. Once you’re registered, you’re supposed to be registered for life. And businesses caught calling people on the registry are subject to fines and even criminal action.

Watch below as Josh Smith answered questions from WJHL viewers about unwanted robocalls and telemarketing calls Wednesday night during a Facebook Live chat:

The FTC insists it goes after telemarketers who knowingly ignore the registry.  But in recent years, unwanted calls have spikes, and the Federal Communications Commission says telemarketing calls were the top consumer complaint.

So what can you do to block unwanted calls? News Channel 11 is in your corner investigating your options. You’ll see Josh Smith‘s report Thursday at 6pm.

Until then, you really should make sure all your phone numbers are on the Do Not Call Registry.

Click HERE to sign up and HERE confirm your numbers are still active.

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