East Tennessee mother arrested after infant left alone in stroller

(Sweetwater Police)

SWEETWATER, Tenn. (WATE) – Sweetwater Police Department Reports a mother was arrested after her infant son was left alone in a driveway while strapped in a stroller.

An official police report states the baby was sleeping with no one around in the hot sun when a passing officer noticed. The officer said at first, he “thought it was a doll.”

When the officer stopped to investigate, he reported the child was sleeping in a heavily soiled diaper and was sweating from the heat, but was responsive when the officer spoke to him.

The officer drove to child to the police station where he received emergency care for his sunburns. The report states there were visible sunburn lines from the stroller straps. Officers helped clean the child and change his diaper.

Officers then went to the home of Rhonda Jenkins, the baby’s mother. According to the report, she ran when she saw the officers approaching. She was found hiding in a closet and taken into custody.

Jenkins is facing charges of child abuse and neglect. The child is being cared for by the Department of Children’s Services.

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