VA upgrading accountability technology to better compare facilities

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – As Mountain Home VA administrators commit to doing a better job of keeping track of the medical center’s inventory, new technology will allow the facility to compare its successes and failures with its peers.

Associate Medical Center Director Dan Snyder said he’s proud to say the VA is implementing new software that will give facilities the capability to see how they compare and rank with each other.

As we told you Monday in a Community Watchdog investigation, Mountain Home has almost 1,300 missing pieces of medical and other equipment, which are all documented in federal records. At the least, administrators conceded it was the result of poor recordkeeping and at worst, the items were gone for good

The number of missing items is more than any other VA facility in Tennessee and Kentucky combined and 1,000 more missing items than the next closet facility in the region.

“Mountain Home has more missing items and a higher value of missing items than any other facility in this region. How is that possible?” we asked Snyder.

“I can’t speak to the other facilities and I’ll have to say the software we use for our equipment accountability in the past has not lent itself to giving me reports to compare ourselves to other facilities,” Snyder said. “Moving forward I’ll be able to compare myself to other facilities and see where we rank there.”

Snyder previously said many of the missing items are difficult to find because they often travel throughout the facility with patients as they enter different levels of care.

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