Tennessee Governor Haslam visits Elizabethton to talk about Improve Act


ELIZABETHTON, TN (WJHL) – At Fletcher’s Thursday in Carter County, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam told a crowd of dozens what they can expect now that the Improve Act took effect July 1st.

A cut in food taxes, the plan will save $125 million on grocery taxes. “While we are in office it will go down from 5 ½ percent of everything you buy down to 4 percent,” said Gov. Haslam. “So every time you go to a grocery store you will save 1 ½ percent of what you use to.”

According to the Transportation Coalition of Tennessee, the average family spends about $160 on groceries; with the Improve Act the average family will save about $1.64 a week and $85 a year.

“Probably unless you are a lower income, I doubt you would really notice it a whole lot,” said Dan Anderson, a local grocery store customer. For someone who travels a lot for work, Dan said the increase on gas taxes is something he has noticed. Tennessee’s tax on gas was raised by four cents per gallon.“We have been used to fairly low gas prices in Tennessee so a small three to five cent increase will be noticeable and that does matter over a long haul,” said Anderson.

Haslam said the money will go toward the over 900 infrastructure projects that he said are long overdue.“Unfortunately, we have let our roads situation deteriorate,” said Gov. Haslam. “We have hundreds of bridges across the states that aren’t in the condition they need to be.” Twenty-six of those projects are in Carter County.

The Improve Act will cut more than $500 million in taxes a year.

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