World’s Fair Beer returns to Knoxville 35 years later

Courtesy: WATE

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Monday marks 35 years since the start of the 1982 World’s Fair, a time to shine for Knoxville.

It’s also been nearly 35 years since World’s Fair Beer was available. The brand, brewed in Knoxville, released nine can designs and sold for just six months. Many said the beer was going to make Knoxville famous, and now it’s back, revamped as a locally made craft beer. One thing that’s different this time around – the taste.

“Ask anyone who has them still, you know they’re all over the shelves of houses in Knoxville and stored in basements, they didn’t buy it because they loved the taste, but because it was a great collector’s item,” said Harrison Collins, one of the men responsible for bringing the beer back.

Collins said this time, they wanted to make the beer something people actually want to drink.

Original marketer Rick Kuhlman, Jr and, his son Rick Kuhlman the III partnered with friends Harrison Collins and Chase Wilson, an award winning home brewer, to bring the beer back. It’s being made at Fanatic Brewing Company and distributed through Cherokee Distributing Company.

“We’re bringing back nostalgia in a pint glass in restaurants all over Knoxville,” said Collins.

Like the original, it will only be available for six months. It’s available in around 20 bars and restaurants in Knoxville and Collins says that number is growing. It will be available in local stores in late June.

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