Johnson City School upgrades expected to save in the long run

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – A seven million dollar Tri-Cities school upgrade project is expected to pay for itself over time. With new energy saving equipment, Johnson City schools expect to save over $470,000 a year.

Each school has received some type of upgrade, such as replacement of HVAC units, windows and doors.
“We have seen it at every school, a savings in energy costs,” said Dr. Debra Bentley, the director of instruction and communication for Johnson City schools.

Science Hill High School received the most recent upgrade with a new heating and cooling system that will provide consistent temperatures. “In the next six to eight weeks we expect all this new heating and cooling equipment to be fully commissioned and ready for the start of the next school year,” said Russ Nelson, the business development manager at Energy Systems Group. “First week of August everything should be up and running.”

The return on investment is what makes this seven million dollar project possible. “The school district and the city really have been able to do this through Energy Systems Group because the project is paying for itself fully from energy savings,” said Nelson.

The money saved will go to pay back the money used to make these upgrades.”It’s a big win for the environment,” said Nelson. “It’s a big financial stewardship win and for the students and the teachers in those classrooms it’s probably the biggest win.”

It will take about ten years for the energy savings to pay for the project.

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