6-year-old receives $100 gift card from stranger while at Niswonger Children’s Hospital

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Being in the hospital is not fun, especially when it’s on a holiday like the Fourth of July.

That was the case for Johnson City 6-year-old Caleb Whitaker.

But one stranger managed to brighten up his day.

Whitaker was at Niswonger Children’s Hospital Tuesday, where he was getting his regular IV treatment for an immune deficiency.

The boy’s mom said it was a rough day for him, as nurses had a tough time getting his IV in.

Near the end of Whitaker’s treatment, though, a man came in and handed the boy a Toys-R-Us gift card, saying simply that he wanted to make his holiday a little better.

“After he left, we called the number to make sure what was on it, and there was $100 on this gift card,” Mikki Hammitt, Whitaker’s mom, said. “Apparently the nurse said when he came back out in the hallway, he went into our room just because the door was open.”

Hammitt said the nurse told her that the man went around and handed out gift cards to other patients as well.

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