Man, 2 juveniles arrested after fireworks injure 2 Knoxville police officers

Jayron Mobley (Knoxville Police Department via WATE)

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Three people were arrested on the Fourth of July for incident involving fireworks in the Lonsdale neighborhood of Knoxville.

Jayron Mobley, 21, was charged with inciting a riot and evading arrest. Two juveniles were also arrested.

Knoxville Police Department said officers responded to reports of people shooting fireworks at people and vehicles in Lonsdale Homes. Officers said at around 10:30 p.m. there was an extremely large crowd that had gathered.

Police said people were throwing fireworks at officers that were responding. When Officer Dylan Williams tried to take Mobley into custody, police said around 20 people began hitting, kicking and attempting to pull Officer Williams away from him.

Officer Williams suffered scrapes to his arm during the scuffle, according to police. A juvenile relative of Mobley was arrested during the scuffle. She was charged with inciting to riot and assault.

Courtesy: WATE


Officers said a second group of people shot fireworks at Sgt. Sam Henard hitting him in the foot. Officers said a hole was burned in Sgt. Henard’s boot, hurting his foot.

A boy wearing a mask and carrying a backpack of fireworks was taken into custody. The boy was cited for state curfew violation and his fireworks were confiscated.

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