National Historic Landmark plaque unveiled at Mountain Home VA Medical Center

MOUNTAIN HOME, TN (WJHL) – The National Park Service officially unveiled a National Historic Landmark plaque Monday at Mountain Home VA Medical Center, recognizing more than 30 of the facility’s buildings as “nationally significant.”

The facility, which opened in 1904, is home to a historic district of almost 250 acres.

Rep. Phil Roe (R), TN-District 1, hopes the VA can capitalize on the recognition. The chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee spoke at the unveiling.

“The plan is to make this a tourist place to stop, to actually see and follow the history of medicine of what’s occurred,” Rep. Roe said.

Mountain Home Director Dean Borsos said he wants to partner with East Tennessee State University and Johnson City to help more people learn about the region’s history.

“We’ve had some discussions about how we can use (the National Historic Landmark status) to increase tourism, get more word out, so people know about our history, but about as well where we’re going in the future,” Borsos said. “We’ll take a look at how we can further enhance the museum and maybe get more folks to come in and spend more time in the museum and learn more about the campus.”

As part of today’s ceremony, a former director donated an original bench to the facility.

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