Dogs attack Jonesborough man; Woman cited

JONESBOROUGH, TN (WJHL) – A Jonesborough man was taken to the hospital after police said he was attacked by two dogs in the town’s neighborhood.

Officers said they were called to a home in the 600 block of Depot Street around 9:48 p.m. on Sunday.

The victim, while receiving emergency medical treatment, told Jonesborough police he was walking east on Depot Street when passed the home and two dogs came out of the front door and attacked him. He said the dogs started biting his left arm.

41-year-old Joseph Warlix told News Channel 11’s Justin Soto he was walking home from celebrating July 4 at a neighbor’s house when the attack happened.

“They were on top of me knawing, chewing ripping and tearing,” Warlix said.

The owner ran outside and, after some attempts, she eventually was able to gain control of the dogs. Police identified the owner as 52-year-old Christine Fiore. Warlix said Fiore offered to help until paramedics and police arrived.

The dog owner told police she left the front door open with a barrier gate, similar to an accordion-style child doorway gate. The 8-month-old dog burst through the gate first, said the owner in a report, and the 5-year-old dog ran out afterward.

Eyewitness Nikita Boyd says she saw the attack with her family while waiting to watch fireworks. She says Warlix was calmly walking down the road when the dogs started attacking him. She then rushed her 4-year-old son to safety, “I was like get in the car, get in the car now,” Boyd said.

Boyd said her and her husband helped bandage Warlix’s arm, to stop the bleeding, until help arrived.

Warlix was later taken to the Johnson City Medical Center for further treatment to his left arm and right hand. Warlix says he received 12 stitches in his left arm and they should be taken in the next seven days.

“When you have dogs you have a responsibility,” Warlix said. He added that he hopes the dogs’ owner will come up to par with the responsibilities of having a dog.

The dog owner was cited for dogs running at large. She told police that her dogs were up to date on their shots and vaccines.

Jonesborough Police say Fiore at some point will appear in front of a judge who will decide what punishment if any she could face.

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