IV bar to open in Greenville, SC

GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – The Upstate’s first IV bar is set to open this fall, offering a faster way to recharge the physically active or people who are hungover. It’s a trend seen in other parts of the country where people can get vitamins or other solutions injected directly into the blood stream.

“I’m very big on health, fitness, keeping your body in shape,” said personal trainer Adrian Gaymon.

(Photo Courtesy: Jennifer Valentine)

It’s one of the mindsets being targeted by the new IV bar setting up shop in Greenville.

“We are not only going to cater to individuals that are moving slow from the night before but also cyclists, body builders, and really hit hard on the health aspect,” said Greenville attorney John Mussetto. “Our IV bags are going to be full of vitamins, different sorts of medicines to help you out depending upon what your ailments are or what type of treatment you want to get.

“After being inspired during a trip to Key West, Mussetto said he’s partnering with registered nurse Jennifer Valentine to open Revived Aesthetics. The business will be in a plaza at 700 Garlington Road near the Roper Mountain Road intersection. He said people will relax in recliners, while getting the treatment they can feel the results of within about 30 minutes.

“We’re going to have doctors on board,” said Mussetto. “We’re going to have nurses – on location, doctors on location so this will be a highly regulated business.”

It’s the kind of business Gaymon said he’d be willing to try if it can indeed lead to faster recovery after intense training.

“I’ve never heard of an IV bar,” he said. “I think it’s well worth it though, but getting past the needle part would probably mess with my mind a little bit.”

The business will also offer a procedure called microblading to help people get the appearance of fuller eyebrows through tattooing. Musetto said Valentine is extensively trained by one of New York City’s premiere microblading experts. The business will also offer botox and other injectibles.

Revived Aesthics is set to open by this fall.

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