CA man says dog died of a heat stroke in animal control’s care

(Source: CNN)

VISALIA, CA (CNN) – A dog owner mourning the death of his pit bull after it died from overheating while in the care of animal control officers. It happened after his dog allegedly attacked a cat and was being transported to a facility.

Jeff Barnes says his dog Cuda was just a puppy who would sit, stay, and cuddle.

But on Friday Barnes said Cuda and his two other pit bulls got out of his gate an attacked a cat, eventually killing it.

“I don’t wish harm on anyone’s animal that is not something I am trying to do at all. I will accept repercussions for the cat. I just don’t believe this is right for my dog. On his one year birthday he doesn’t deserve to get cooked,” said Barnes, dog owner.

Barnes said Cuda suffered a heat stroke in the animal control vehicle before making it back to Visalia Animal Care Center and Barnes was forced to put him down.

“I went in to watch my dog die due to someone’s neglect. I don’t wish that upon anybody,” said Barnes.
Because Cuda was found by the animal control officer first, Barnes says he was in the truck the longest.

The city of Visalia released a statement saying “all three unlicensed pit bulls who were loose and involved in the attack on the cat were then taken directly to the Visalia Animal Care center in a cooler equipped animal control vehicle. When the animals arrived at the shelter, it was realized that one of the dogs, Cuda, was in stress.”

Jeff posted his story on Facebook and it got a lot of attention reaching thousands of people.

Recently, he and several others from the community gathered outside of the Visalia Animal Care Center hoping for answers.

“I know it’s not going to bring our dog back, but maybe it will make them look into the situation. And look into the cooler trucks they use, and what temperature it gets in there and what’s the protocol and how long an animal can be in those boxes, ” said Carrie Dileo, Barnes’ girlfriend.

Barnes says his other two dogs are still at Visalia Animal Care Ccenter and while he waits for a hearing to find out if they will deemed vicious, he hopes what happened to him and Cuda, never has to happen to another pet and pet owner again.

Barnes says the Visalia care animal center is investigating this incident and he says he is taking full responsibility for what his dogs did to the cat. He also said he talked to the owner of the cat. He says she donated money to a GoFundMe campaign he started to help pay attorney fees.

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