TSA reminds public what cannot be brought to the airport

BLOUNTVILLE, TN (WJHL) – Officials at the Tri-Cities airport and the Transportation Security Administration wanted to remind people what items cannot be carried on an airplane.

The list includes knives, box cutters, chemical sprays and various other items that could be considered weapons.

When you head to the airport, the TSA asks that you help make your trip faster and their jobs easier by doing a quick five minute looks through your bags. They say this helps you save time for you and the other passengers.

You also cannot take things like liquids and lotions larger than 3.4 ounces.

Guns are also allowed to be brought with you however, they have to be in your checked luggage and stored properly and are unloaded They can not be in your carry-on.

Last year there was seven guns surrendered to TSA officials at Tri-Cities airport.

This year there have been three so far.

If you have an electronic cigarette, it is allowed in your carry-on bag but not in your checked luggage. The best way to see if your item is allowed is to check the t-s-a website or send them a picture via twitter at @asktsa and they usually respond within thirty minutes.

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