Plans expanding for old U-Haul sign renovations, more funding needed

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Several weeks after a former Johnson City Mayor made a promise to cover the remaining costs of the former U-Haul sign in downtown Johnson City, the Johnson City Development Authority is telling News Channel 11 that the project is expanding and will now cost more money to add a feature the base of the sign.

The original costs for the project was $88,000. A request for an additional $8,000 was made at the beginning of the month. Former Johnson City mayor Tom McKee told city leaders he would pay any additional costs but that was before the price tag went up.

Executive Director of the Johnson City Downtown Development Authority, Diana Cantler said, “We have an informational panel at the base of the sign we would like to add, they would have some history of the city and maybe some educational elements on why this green space was created.”

Cantler says any additional funds raised will go towards the base of the project. All day on Wednesday crews have been working on adding base paint to the sign.

The sign is still on track to be finished in early August of this year. The sign renovation price is not associated with Kings Basin Park.

City leaders approved  million to build the park that will include drainage features the city believes will help with flood control downtown.

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