Fall Branch, other volunteer fire departments holding annual fireworks sale

FALL BRANCH, TN (WJHL-TV) – With the 4th of July coming soon, many fireworks stands are popping all across the Tri-Cities

But shoppers can also help local volunteer fire departments during this time of year as well and get some good deals on their fireworks. Several departments are once again selling fireworks as a way to raise money.

“We know that the community is going to be shooting off fireworks, so it is a great way for us to interface with the community, make sure that they have all the information that they need to make sure that they are doing it safely, and, of course, it is a great fundraiser for us,”, Fall Branch Volunteer Fire Department Public Information Officer Myron Hughes said, “We’ve been doing this for a long time, it’s always a great fund raiser. We have a lot of repeat customers, so it it really great to see people coming back again and supporting us so we can support them.”

Some people may think that fire departments selling fireworks seems kind of strange, but there is lots of pamphlets on firework safety that customers can take with them. The firefighters also take time to talk to them about how to safely set them off and answer any questions that they may have.

Hughes added, “We make the joke that it is job security for us, but we know people are going to do it, so we feel a lot better selling them things that we know aren’t going to necessarily go awry. Things that will be safe for them to use, as long as do it correctly. We give them paperwork and make sure that they understand how to properly and safely shoot off fireworks.”

Fall Branch Volunteer Fire Department has been selling fireworks for over 10 years, it is one of their largest fund raisers each year. Second only to their auction that was held in March. They go to fireworks shows to get a look at what is new and popular so that they can bring it back to sell to their customers. Also, since this is a fundraiser, there is no sales tax on fireworks sold by a local fire department.

“We see people with all ranges of experience with fireworks, people that come back every year and then some people that don’t know a lot about it, don’t know the difference between a cake or a morter, sparklers,”, Hughes said, “But because we go to the shows and wee see a lot of what we’re selling, it helps us be able to find out what they want to see, what they’d like to see, if they want something quiet for their children or something to wkae their neighbors up. We know what we’re selling and we can put them with the right product.”

They also have two different raffles going on, winners will be drawn live on their Facebook page on Monday, July 3 at 7:30 pm. One raffle is for the MegaMaster, the largest product they have ever had, worth around $300. Tickets for that raffle are 2 for $5 or 5 for $10. The other raffle is a smaller package called the Sugar Daddy, thickets for it are $1 each.

Hughes also said that customers need to make sure to follow the instuctions completely to make sure that everyone is safe when shooting off fireworks, especially when it comes to using the tubes on the mortar shells. Not switching the tubes out as instructed can be dangerous.

“You will get a certain number of tubes for a certain number of shells, and you need tio make sure that once you’ve used that number of shells with the tube, you use a new tube. Because a lot of the boxes and packaging of fireworks is paper and cardboard, well, fireworks make fire,”, Hughes said, “So, if you are not careful, the tube could blow apart, the firework could prematurely explode, and you could have a problem, so just make sure that you use the paperwork that we give you, follow all the precautions, make sure that you have water nearby just in case something does happen.”

The FBVFD is doing demonstrations of many of their fireworks and posting them to their Facebook page. People can also contact them on this page if they have any questions. They are open everyday thru July 5 from 10 am to 10 pm.

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