Federal agents join search for Tri-Cities suspects now wanted in two counties

SULLIVAN/HAWKINS COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Two suspects wanted for attempted murder now face charges in two Tri-Cities region counties.

Police are still searching for Jarret Heitmann and Makayla Stilwell, they’re wanted in a shooting on Bloomingdale Road in Kingsport. 

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office says that’s where a man was shot in the chest early Tuesday morning. Witnesses said there was a fight in the yard before shots were fired.

But now police say the shooting is connected to another case.

Mount Carmel Police in Hawkins County say the suspects were actually at a home on Bay Street before it happened. Police say Heitmann and Stilwell broke into a home and kidnapped a woman, identified as 36-year-old Brandy Overbay.

Both suspects reportedly punched her, kidnapped her and Heitmann reportedly held her at gunpoint. The suspects took her to the home in Kingsport where police say Heitmann shot 34-year-old Dustin Bishop in the chest. At last check, Bishop was in critical condition.

Multiple agencies, including the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Marshalls, are also involved in this search for this wanted man and woman who investigators believe are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Jarret Cole Heitmann and Makayla Danielle Stilwell

Police say the night of crime all started in a Mount Carmel neighborhood where people tell News Channel 11’s Justin Soto they didn’t hear about what happened.

“Everybody knows each other. Usually we know what goes on around here,” Neighbor, Amanda Shepherd said.

Shepherd says she’s friends with the victim, Brandy Overbay, and she had no idea what happened.

Mount Carmel Police say they responded to 420 Bay Street for a welfare check and when they arrived they found a broken in window and blood stains.

That call came in from Sullivan County following a shooting on Bloomingdale Rd.

Mount Carmel Police say before that shooting those same suspects broke into that home, assaulted Overbay, and kidnapped her.

Police believe the suspects took Overbay with them to Kingsport where the same gun was used to shoot Bishop.

“Right before the shooting took place, they released her. She actually took off running whenever he grabbed the male subject, she took off running to hide and she heard the gunshots,” Detective Cody Bussell of the Mt. Carmel Police Department said.

Bussell said Overbay knew the suspects.

“Just knew each other by nicknames and were friends on Facebook,” Bussell said.

A motive is still unclear.

Mount Carmel is investigating the kidnapping and assault and they have arrest warrants filed with the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office. Their charges are especially aggravated kidnapping, especially aggravated burglary, and aggravated assault times 2. Another family member was inside the home and was also injured.

Sullivan County is investigating the shooting, their arrest warrants charge the suspects with aggravated kidnapping, two counts of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, especially aggravated robbery and attempted second-degree murder.

“It’s to that point where we’re going to places that we know they once frequented, places they once lived,” Captain Joseph Strickler with the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office said.

Shepherd said she couldn’t imagine someone doing that to her friend and she’s concerned for her kids and she may have to move if anything else happens.

Investigators are still trying to track down leads, interviewing people who may know the suspects and to figure out where they might be.

Investigators say the male suspect is described as medium to slender built with dark hair. The female suspect is believed to have died her hair red. The sheriff’s office says they’re running down leads that are sending them to Sullivan County, Hawkins County, Scott County and Washington County, TN and they’re looking into all tips.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office says Heitmann and Stilwell could still be armed and they say do not approach them if you see them.

You’re asked to call 911, the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office or your local police department if you have any information about their whereabouts.

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