U.S. Nitrogen facing $19,000 in penalties, Greene County commissioner calling for plant to be shut down

GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – This month U.S. Nitrogen, a plant in Greene County that manufactures industrial explosives was hit with penalties requiring the company to pay $19,000 in fines.

State documents detail several violations for failure to comply with state issued permits.

More specifically the state says U.S. Nitrogen did not submit emissions test reports by an April 29th 2017 deadline and failing to submit an annual compliance status report and annual accidental release plan certification by the due dates.

I reached out to U.S. Nitrogen and they gave us this statement saying quote the TDEC fines are a matter of public record and are related to administrative matters rather than plant emission performance.

While the violations are not related to emissions, Greene County Commissioner Eddie Jennings says the plant is a danger to the surrounding community and he wants to see it shut down. Jennings has put together a resolution that would start the process for U.S. Nitrogen to close its doors.

“One life is not worth that plant down there,” Eddie Jennings said.

The resolution Jennings is proposing would revert the land that U.S. Nitrogen sits on in Greene County back to its original state, that’s general agriculture district.

“Everything that they have agreed on and promised us since they started wanting to come in here, they have not followed up on, they have changed in midstream,” Jennings said

He adds, while his resolution may seem a bit far’fetched he’s hopeful it will making to a second reading.

“Well, you have heard all your life just like me, you don’t never say, never” Jenning said.

The proposed resolution is expected to be presented at the commission meeting in July.

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