Johnson City Police increasing bike patrol along Tweetsie Trail to monitor crime

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Johnson City Police are adding additional bike patrol officers to the Tweetsie Trail in Johnson City.

It is all part of an effort to reduce crime along the trail and keep people in the area safe.Officer Greg Howell has been patroling the streets of Johnson City on a bike for almost 20 years.

Now he has a new assignment, patrolling parts of the popular Tweetsie Trail.

“It allows us to be visible, it allows us to go places where you couldn’t ordinairly go in a police car,” Officer Howell said.

People in the community say they’ve noticed an uptick in crime activity like bicycle theft and vandalism.

“The more visibility we have the more deterants we have toward crime,” Officer Howell said.

According to Johnson City police so far this year there have been 3 incident calls reported by officers working foot patrol here on the tweetsie trail, bike patrol officers have reported 12 incidents.

“I’ve not actually responded to any myself, I’ve heard of some incidents down here so that’s one of the reasons we have stepped up bike patrol,” Officer Howell said.

Carrie Miller walks the Tweetsie trail several times a week. She welcomes the increased police presence.

“There are certain times of the day where you would definitely want people out patrolling, early in the morning and dusk. so yeah, I think that’s probably a good idea,” Carrie Miller said.

An idea police hope will ultimately reduce crime and keep people in the community safe. Police say if you happen to be on the Tweetsie Trail and notice something out of ordinary, call 911 immediately.

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