Twins request upgrades to Joe O’Brien Field, possible long term deal in the works to keep team in Elizabethton

ELIZABETHTON, TN (WJHL) –  Almost a year after Elizabethan City leaders said the twins minor league baseball team
could leave the city News Channel 11 is learning the major league team in Minnesota has some specific requests that could keep rookie team in the Tri-Cities.

Will they stay or will they go? That’s been the question so many people have been wanting to know about the Elizabethan Twins minor league baseball team.

While eager fans are desperate for answers, city leaders have also been waiting for months now to find out what it would take to keep the Twins at bat, in Elizabethton.

“I had a great conversation with Dave St. Peter last Thursday, via telephone. He is very optimistic that we can work something out here.” Elizabethton Mayor Curt Alexander said.

Elizabethton Mayor Curt Alexander gave us a copy of an email from the Minnisota Twins president and CEO Dave St. Peter.

“I told Dave St. Peter before we could do anything, we would need a longterm comittment from them and he understood and agreed to that,” Mayor Alexander said.

The email outlines specific facility requirements at Joe O’Brien Field that could possibly keep the Twins in play.

The biggest request, a new home clubhouse estimated at 5,500 square feet with a number of upgrades and amenities like new locker rooms, a training room, showers and laundry room to name a few.

Another request is an additional batting cage near the home clubhouse.

Renovations of the existing home clubouse are also being requested, that facility will be used for visiting teams.

The Mayor says these upgrades are a necessity for the Twins or any minor league team that would occupy the space.

Either way within the next few weeks he says a decision on the twins future will be made.

“We should either be heading towards a long term commitment with them or looking at another team very soon,” Alexander said.

The costs of the requested upgrades at the ball field have not been estimated by the city. Once those estimates are made, they will be given to the Twins so that they can negotiate how much money they will provide for the update.

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