Greene Co. Sheriff’s Dept. ‘devastated’ after K9 Officer Ren passes away

GREENE COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – The Greene County Sheriff says his department is devastated after a K9 officer died over the weekend. Sheriff Pat Hankins said K9 Officer Ren had been with the Sheriff’s Department nearly two years and helped make more than 50 felony arrests.

“It’s a terrible loss for us,” Hankins said.

Ren’s handler, Mark Crum has been at home for a couple of weeks following surgery.

Sheriff Hankins said on Saturday Ren was let outside when a truck came by hauling a lawnmower trailer. Ren began chasing the truck and was hit.

“Seemed to be doing real well,” Hankins said. “Had some cuts, had to have some stiches, but wasn’t seriously hurt.”

Hankins says that night Ren was playful and seemed to be doing fine.

But the next morning. the vet found Ren had passed away.

“Did some x-rays on the dog that it may have had some damage to the lungs inside. Some bruising it said and he was afraid that bruising made the dog have a blood clot and that’s what actually killed the dog,” Hankins said.

Those who worked with Ren, such as Lt. Mike Fincher, says he is heartbroken.

“We are devastated actually, as a shift,” Fincher said.

Ren was a 4-year-old Belgain Malinois. She had been a member of the Sheriff’s Office for two years and was involved in more than 50 felony arrests. But she was also very friendly with children and made school visits often.

Ren’s life was filled with obstacles.

“Someone poisoned Ren about a year ago at that residence and liked to have died at that time. And then prior to that, whenever we got Ren, Ren was at a dog pound fixing to be euthanized,” Hankins explained.

Those at the Sheriff’s Department say they will always remember Ren’s hard work and willingness to play with others.

“It takes a special dog to do that,” Hankins said.

“She’s going to be missed really more than words can say how much she’s going to be missed,” Fincher said.

Sheriff Hankins says Ren was cremated this weekend. Services are still undecided at this time.

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