Gatlinburg couple sees new home for the first time


GATLINBURG (WATE) – Terry and Sarah Benson, a couple who lost everything in the wildfires, saw their new home for the first time Saturday.

“We knew for a long time that we were having a house built for us but we never realized how significant this day would be when we got a house,” said Sarah.

God’s Pit Crew,  a crisis response team out of Virginia, rebuilt the couple’s home in just a matter of weeks.

“Yes, the house went up in just 15 days, but it went up well, not just thrown together because these people care so much,” said Randy Johnson with God’s Pit Crew.”

The Benson’s say the crew added several special and personal touches throughout the house.

“The angels on the walls, the scriptures in the studs, the picture of our family, already here, I mean it’s already home,” said Terry.

More than anything they are just happy to be back on their mountain.

“Yeah we’re ready,” said Sarah. “We’re sleeping here tonight.”

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