Ty Hayworth considering a coaching career

ELIZABETHTON, TN- Jason Witten’s annual camp brought kids and former local stars to Elizabethton on Saturday. One of those former local standouts, former Dobyns-Bennett Indian, Ty Hayworth.

The Kingsport native played college football at Wake Forest and hoped to join and NFL team this year. Hayworth went undrafted, but had a tryout with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Hayworth did not get signed following rookie camp, but it may not be long before you see him somewhere on the sidelines.

“Maybe someone else will call down the line, but if not, I’m going to start rotating my career into the coaching field,” Hayworth said. “I think I’m going to start looking towards getting my master’s degree and going to be a G.A. (graduate assistant).

Hayworth has been considering this move for a while, gleaning lessons and skills from coaches over the last couple of years.

“Just playing football for so long, you soak up so much and now that I’ve kind of decided that coaching is kind of the path that I want to take,” said Hayworth. “Over the past few years I’ve been soaking everything in from my college coaches, from the coaches that I learned from growing up, all these camps. Kind of just soak it all in and you start to develop your own coaching style.”

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