Thunder Valley Nationals one of Ron Capps’ favorite weekends

BRISTOL, TN- The roar of thunder in the valley is getting closer and closer with qualifying begining this Friday for the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals

Three-time Bristol winner, Ron Capps, hopes he will be raising a Wally trophy this Sunday and conquer the valley for a fourth time. Capps loves the scene of the carved out track, but what he loves even more are the fans. Father’s Day weekend adds to the atmosphere of the race, seeing fathers pass on their love of the sport to their children.

“You get these grandfathers and sons and grandsons and generational dads out at the ropes waiting for an autograph and it just takes me back to my childhood,” Capps said. “It’s always a great race because you know that’s a weekend full of just dads, it’s their day! And if they pick the drag races to come out to, man that’s even better. We look forward to coming to Bristol on Father’s Day Weekend.”

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