Tennessee man arrested in kitten’s death after Facebook post goes viral

Kendric Porter (Courtesy: Marshal County Sheriff’s Office)

MARSHALL COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A domestic call in Marshall County led to an ex-con being arrested for aggravated animal cruelty.

Police say Kendric Porter has admitted to killing a 6-week-old cat, which belonged to a woman he was dating, after pictures of the dead kitten went viral on Facebook.

The woman got the feline from her best friend, Lynn Turner.

“How could you hurt something that cute?” Turner said.

She became emotional Tuesday as she told WKRN about the jarring phone call she got from her friend Sunday morning, describing how Porter allegedly killed the kitten.

“She says, ‘I need you to help me now.’ She says, ‘He just killed my cat. I have to get out of here,’” Turner recalled.

According to an arrest report, Porter and his girlfriend got into an argument. Deputies asked him to leave the home, and that’s when the 220-pound man claims he kicked the kitten into the wall and it died.

Kendric Porter (Courtesy: Marshal County Sheriff’s Office)

“He grabbed it by the neck and slammed it, were her words,” explained Turner. “And I think of the force it took to do that much damage in one slam.”

Turner’s friend posted the picture on Facebook, but WKRN chose not to show that picture due to its graphic nature.

“This is about a kitten losing its life, a helpless kitten. That kitten couldn’t stand up and punch that man and make him stop,” she said.

The Facebook post went viral and by Monday detectives were getting inundated with calls to look into the abuse. Porter was ultimately arrested Monday on charges of aggravated cruelty to animals.

Before his arrest, Porter responded to the firestorm of controversy the Facebook post generated, writing, “Everybody talking about calling the police, but what about my kids? They need me, too. [Expletive] that [expletive] cat.”

Porter is in jail under a $6,000 bond and is due in court June 27.

“He could easily set [the kitten] to the side and he didn’t do that, and that is the choice he made landing him where he is,” Turner said.

WKRN has learned Porter has previously been jailed on drug charges. He is currently on parole and detectives said they have contact TDOC officials about his latest arrest.

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