Nigerian bobsledders training at East Tennessee State

JOHNSON CITY, TN- Two Nigerian women have come to East Tennessee State aiming to be part of, not only Nigeria’s first bobsled team, but the first bobsled team from the entire continent of Africa to compete in the Olympic Games.

Seun Adigun and Akuoma Omeoga are the bobsledders from Nigeria, hoping to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Adigun competed in the 2012 games for Nigeria in track and field and is now a driver for the Nigerian bobsled team.

The athletes are working with ETSU faculty member Dr. Brad DeWeese at the Olympic Training Site, designated as an official training site for bobsled and skeleton in 2014.

“I had an amazing conversation with Dr. DeWeese,” said Adigun. “From that moment on, I knew that this build-up was going to be something that was necessary, in this facility, with this specific coach.”

“There’s special athletes like Seun that’s really trying to change for her country and give people hope,” said DeWeese. “That is really something that I want to help her with and support.”

The two athletes from Nigeria are joining over 20 athletes at ETSU this summer from around the world, including members of USA Bobsled, USA Skeleton, USA Luge, USA Canoe/Kayak and the Japanese and Canadian bobsled teams.

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