Steele Creek Park receives large donation of fishing equipment

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL-TV) – The Friends of Steele Creek Park received a special donation today from Bass Pro Shops to help in an effort to connect more kids to the outdoors.

As part of their National Donation Day, Bass Pro Shops donated 125 rods and 200 reels to the group to be used in various child summer camps that will be held at the park. In addition, they also donated 30 rods and 75 reels to Outdoorsman, Inc., a Kingsport based nonprofit that is dedicated to conservation, habitat restoration and youth education projects.

“These rods and reels were collected during our Spring Fishing Classic back in Feb., customers brought in these and got a discount on new equipment. Everything has been refurbished and is in good working order.”, Bass Pro Shops Bristol Events Coordinator Kathy Booher said.

Bass Pro Shops will donate 40,000 rods & reels across the U.S. and Canada to ceremoniously kick off “Gone Fishing”, a nationwide challenge to inspire kids to put down their digital devices, pick up a fishing pole and discover the great outdoors.

As part of “Gone Fishing”, Bass Pro Shops in Bristol will be offering family friendly activities in store on June 10 & 11 and June 17 & 18 including learning how to cast a reel at a catch and release pond, complete with a “first fish certificate” and free photo downloads, seminars and special giveaways.

“Two weeks ago, we had a similar event and we had over 240 children catch fish at our store and it’s really neat to see a little kids reel in a bluegill or a crappie, they get excited and they are hooked from that moment on,”, Booher said, “Also this weekend and next weekend, if you have an old video game that your kids is not playing anymore and you want to trade it in, we’ll give you a $5 coupon toward a starter rod & reel combo to help them get oputside and off the couch and away from the electronics.”

Steele Creek park has many summer programs that will be able to put these donated rods and reels to good use in their large lake that has plenty of fish.

Steele Creek Park Nature Center Manager added, “There are a lot of kids who don’t get exposed to the outdoors in any way and any way we can get them outside, put nature in their hands, that’s what we’re trying to do.”

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